13 Years of Persistence and Personal Growth

“Perseverance requires passion and a sincere belief that you deserve what ever it is you are trying to accomplish.”


In last month’s blog post, you were encouraged to persevere for maximum personal growth and development, and you were given strategies to help you succeed.
As a result of working with a close friend for the past thirteen (13) years to help her finish the requirements for her B.A. degree (I helped her with the papers she had to write), I learned that perseverance requires passion and a sincere belief that you deserve what ever it is you are trying to accomplish.

My friend persisted, during good and bad times, to move toward her goal, a college degree in Elementary Education; on Monday, August 8th, she submitted her last paper in her last class, and you can imagine how happy she was, as well as how happy I was for her.

Over the past thirteen (13) years, my friend has had some major challenges: several relatives died, and she lost her job, but she got married, adopted a lovely daughter,and she always moved toward her goal by taking a course or two here and there when she could afford to do so,and now, years later, because of her persistence, she is ready to receive that coveted “sheepskin” for which she has worked so hard.

I applaud my friend for her drive and persistence, and I also applaud you who have accomplished your goals as a result of your perseverance.
Do what my friend is going to do: Celebrate; reward yourself  for completing your goal; do not focus on how long it took.
Take time to relax, then get started on the next adventure which should be considerably easier now that you have a major success to your credit.

What to do next?

1. Celebrate with family and friends who supported you throughout the challenge;

2. Do something “real special” for yourself to savor the moment;

3. Give feedback on this blog by telling me how long it took you to reach a major goal and how you now feel as a result of having reached it.

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