5 Ways to Validate Yourself During Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, in the USA, the perfect time to celebrate and validate yourself and women everywhere!


Today, women are recognized, honored, and respected  for the many valuable contributions made over the decades, but we know this was not always true.

Marches, protests, sit-ins, and other actions were necessary to draw attention to our plight that would force a change in the laws which hindered our progress.

Now, we women are found in all levels of leadership, from presidents and ceo’s  of giant corporations to small classes of children, and everything in between.

Because these successes were hard won, they must be acknowledged, and since March is Women’s History Month,  in the US, it is the perfect time  to celebrate and validate yourself and women everywhere!

The meaning of the word validate as it appears in The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, has similar connotations, and two of them caught my attention; they are: ”to  support” and “to recognize”.

The month of March is a fitting time to begin the support and recognition of yourself and all of the wonderful women you know. This can be done in any number of  ways,  but these five (5), I believe, are especially effective:

1. Encourage the women you know who are on the  cutting edge in large corporations and those who are stay at home moms;

2. Provide physical and/or financial resources when you  know their efforts benefit you and women in general;

3. Get your family members and friends to support their campaigns, corporate positions, etc;

4. Keep up with what is happening in their lives and affairs that directly affect you and others you know;

5. Let them know you are supportive; ask them what you can do to help; tell them what you are doing already.

Of course there are countless other things you can do, but if you begin with these five, you will not only tell them, but you will show them how much you appreciate their efforts, and in validating them with your support and recognition of their work, you will also celebrate  and validate yourself !


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