Growing Pains

Pain accompanies any type of growth; one does not exist without the other.


Have you experienced a personal, spiritual, emotional or other type of growth spurt lately? If  so,  I bet there was an equal amount of pain of some type. It is no secret that pain accompanies any type of growth. One does not exist without the other.  The saying, ‘No pain, no gain’, is true, and it relates to all types of growth, personal or spiritual, no matter where it takes place  on planet earth.

Too often we shy away from the opportunity to grow in some area because we fear the hard work, the pain that is inevitable, but pain, no matter how intense, lasts a relatively short time when compared to the benefits that follow.
One well known example which explains my point perfectly, I believe, are the pains  of childbirth; I am told by family members and friends  who have experienced this precious phenomenon, that the pains of childbirth are some of the most excruciating  one can experience, but they also result  in  nature’s most blessed event, and when the baby is held for the first time, the pain (swollen feet, nausea, cravings, etc.), is completely forgotten, and the event is memorable for the new life, the new miracle that has occurred.
Growing pains are real, and they can stop our progress if we allow them to do so, but we should look beyond the short-lived pain (whether it lasts for minutes, hours, days weeks,etc.), and focus on the results produced. When this is done, the pain is put in the proper perspective.

Whatever has you afraid to grow, remember the benefits you are going to receive on the other side of the pain, and let this motivate you to push forward toward the growth and goals you desire to achieve.


What To Do Next?

1. Take a realistic look  at the goal you are interested in achieving;
2. Determine the amount of  work, energy (pain) it is going to take;
3. Visualize yourself on the other side of the pain;
4. Decide to take daily, relevant actions to reach your goal;
5. Celebrate your successes along the way.

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