Winning Through Disappointments

The way we  handle disappointments in striving toward our goals determines our failures, successes,  as well as the overall quality of  our life.

Each of us has  our share of disappointments as we strive to reach those coveted goals and dreams in life.
It does not matter how motivated or inspired we are about what we hope to accomplish: Disappointments happen, in our personal relationships, our careers,  and in life in general. The way we handle disappointments in striving toward our goals determines our failures, successes, as well as the overall quality of our lives.

As with any disappointment or setback, we must evaluate it closely to see what if anything we did or failed to do, that caused the problem.
Correcting the flaw as quickly as possible, without casting blame or pointing fingers, will minimize the damage as well as the time it will take for us to get back into the fight.
Yes, you will need some time to recover, to regroup, and lick  your wounds, but you must not delay action too long because you know just how damaging inaction or idleness can be to your success.

The next time you are faced with a disappointing situation, try the following action steps to help you get back on track:

1. Acknowledge your feelings, and don’t be too hard on yourself or others who may be involved. This must be done as soon as possible if the situation is going to improve;

2. Determine  what if any role you played in causing the problem;

3. Identify and execute the action(s) you can take now to set things right;

4. Ask help from those for whom there exist mutual support and respect. Doing so will shift most of the stress from you;

5. Find the lesson(s) the experience has to teach you, and use it to help you
in some area of your personal development.

Disappointments will happen; they are a part of life, but you do not have to let them derail your goals and dreams or determine the quality of your life.

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Warning! Comfort Zones Dangerous to Self-Growth/ Personal Development

Our goals and dreams will not be realized until we leave our comfort zones and pursue them (goals, dreams) with a tenacity that refuses to  yield!

Are you moving closer to your dreams daily because of  the action you take to make your dreams come true?

Have you left your comfort zone ( s ) far behind because you have a clear vision of your dream? Or, do you cling to those things that comfort like one clings to an old hat or a pair of  worn comfortable shoes?

To realize your dreams, you must be willing to step outside of your area of comfort again and again.
Yes, I know this is scary, but the truth of the matter is, we must grow in all areas of our lives to embrace our dreams. Those soft, cuddly places in our lives, with which we are so comfortable, do not allow us to grow; they keep us where we are: content and comfortable. These two boarders do not budge; they have to be ‘thrown’  out.

No doubt, you have heard this saying: In order to reach your goals, or realize your dreams, ‘you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable’. Our goals and dreams will not be realized until we leave our comfort zones and pursue them (goals,dreams) with a tenacity that refuses to yield!
The more growth, or risks of the right kind, the more discomfort of the right kind, the closer you get to realizing your dreams. This should motivate you to keep stretching and moving forward.

After a certain age, all of our personal growth is from the inside out.  This is exactly what is needed if we are to realize our loftiest dreams.

So, when are you stepping outside of  your comfort zone? Don’t continue holding on to it for dear life!
Release your tight grip so that you can move forward to realize your loftiest dreams and to embrace your true destiny.

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Believe in You

To accomplish anything worthwhile in life, you must first believe that it can be done, and that you are the one to do it.

Too often we take ourselves out of the competition, no matter what it is, before we even enter it. I know this is what I did many times in the past, because I did not have confidence in myself  or in my abilities.
Lack of confidence can be caused by many things. For example, past failures (mainly because we gave up too soon) can weaken our confidence.
Family members and friends, who were not supportive, or not as supportive as we needed or wanted them to be, often time contribute  to our failure as well.

Underestimating the amount of time or work necessary to complete a task because we failed to do the needed research before diving into the project,  can also lead to failure.
The list of causes as to why we fail can go on indefinitely, but when we examine the many reasons failures occur, we will conclude, if we are honest with  ourselves,  that  the  main  reason  for our   failures  is due to our not  believing in ourselves  or in our abilities to get the job done.

Somehow, over the course of your life, you have stopped believing in yourself, and because this is so, the things attempted are abandoned at the first sign of resistance or trouble.
You  should remember that many times in life, those of us interested in self- help and personal development,  must go where our paths lead, even when you  have to travel alone, as many of life’s challenges require us to do, and to accomplish anything worthwhile  in life, you must first believe that it can be done, and that you are the one to do it.

Frequently, the only way to improve ourselves, our situations, is to do those things that require the most from us, but we can and we will succeed in doing all that is needed as we believe in ourselves and take the right decisive steps, and by knowing this: There is within each of us whatever we need to succeed  in life.
Let us begin with this fact!

THE Importance of Faith(Originally posted:May 31, 2009)

To achieve true success, I believe, you must have faith, faith in yourself, and your abilities, faith in others whom you will need to help you, and faith in someone bigger than yourself; I call that bigger entity God.

Faith is a very common word with which all are familiar, and if I were to ask you to define faith, I believe it could be done with little or no thought since it is such a well known word.
But what exactly is faith? Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines faith as having: ‘complete trust, confidence, or reliance.’
Each of us has to have confidence, or faith in ourselves and abilities if we are to achieve any degree of success, but we also need to trust other people, those who can help us to achieve our goals,that group of people who supports and believes in us and the unique abilities we possess and with which we want to serve others.
I am sure we all agree that none of us achieves success alone.

But, for true and lasting success, it is my opinion, that an additional type of faith is needed, and that is a faith and confidence in one whom I call God.
You may use another name, or no name at all, but I sincerely believe that in all things, there is a greater force or power working, and when we have the faith to acknowledge and to tap into that powerful force, we succeed in our undertakings that add value to our lives and to the lives of those around us.

Faith in ourselves, faith in others , and faith in God, allow us to take risks, and risks are essential to growth, to increased faith, and confidence.

As you continue to grow your faith, you will continue to take the daily actions and risks, that allow you to expand and grow yourself.

Where is your faith?

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Moments of Quiet Reflection(originally posted:May 14,2009)

Taking the time to be quiet, to silence the mind and activities, help you to renew your energy, your creativity, and your gratitude.

Many of  you may have  forgotten how important it is to be still, to spend a few moments just quieting the  thoughts and the mind.
You may also believe that you should be busy, doing something, every single moment.
If  idle for any amount of time, you  probably think   productivity has been compromised.  This is especially true, I believe, for those of you who are high achievers. But more often than not, being idle or quiet, for a few minutes of the day, is exactly what is needed

Let me ask you: Have you ever taken the time to still your thoughts and activities and found in doing so that you were much more productive and creative after the period of silence ended?
Consciously building moments of silence into your daily schedule will improve the quality of your life and energize your activities.

It will also help you to become more in tuned with yourself, your thoughts, your goals and  dreams.

For those of you who are serious about personal growth and self-help, spending time alone is a must so that you can get to know yourself, who you really are, and who you desire to become. Trying to figure this out amid the noise and chaos of everyday living is impractical, if not impossible.

So much is overlooked or missed altogether when too many things are on the ‘to do list’.
Deliberately taking time daily to quiet your thoughts, to come apart for a while, will give you the energy, focus, and direction you need to continue your journey of personal growth and development; it will therefore, help you get a clearer perspective of the things that really matter to you.
So, here is the challenging question: Will you commit to working into your day at least a ten minute block of time, where you do nothing but quiet your thoughts and count your blessings?
This can be done in the morning, before the hustle and bustle of the day begin,  at night before you retire, or both.

I believe if you do this daily, you will soon be well on your way to accomplishing your goals, no matter how grand or lofty they may be.

Quieting our mind, our thoughts and  our actions, momentarily throughout the day, will produce fresh perspectives, renewed energy, as well as more gratitude and creativity.
Remember: Most great ideas happen during the quiet, the reflective, the contemplative periods in our days and nights. It is our responsibility to provide the proper environment for the flashes of insight just waiting to appear.

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