What’s On Your Mind?

Our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so!


Life can get extremely challenging sometimes, and what we think during our most difficult moments determines the outcome of the challenge as well as the direction of our future, because our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so.

Too often we allow our thoughts to mimic the difficult situations we face, and when this happens, a negative shift in our thinking takes shape. If the negative pattern occurs regularly, it becomes the way we view life, and as a result, what we desire to achieve becomes more and more difficult.

Reining in our thoughts takes conscious effort and self discipline, but this must be done for the positive, the true to emerge.
In the future, when negative “head trash” tries to take you hostage, do the following to shift to the positive side of the challenge:

* Determine the facts about the situation;
* Determine how you can work through things as they are;
* Repeat an appropriate scripture daily such as: ” I can do all things
through Christ who gives me strength”, Philippians 4:13;
* Create a positive affirmation about the situation;
* Repeat it daily until you see a positive shift in your view of the problem;
* Get the help of a supporter who can assist you in keeping a positive
view of the challenge;
* Determine how the challenge can help you to grow in some area,and
allow it to do so.

All of us fall prey to the negatives in our lives sometimes, but we should
not dwell on them; instead we should try to find the good, the positive side of the challenge. Usually, it’s not that far away.




Growing Pains

Pain accompanies any type of growth; one does not exist without the other.


Have you experienced a personal, spiritual, emotional or other type of growth spurt lately? If  so,  I bet there was an equal amount of pain of some type. It is no secret that pain accompanies any type of growth. One does not exist without the other.  The saying, ‘No pain, no gain’, is true, and it relates to all types of growth, personal or spiritual, no matter where it takes place  on planet earth.

Too often we shy away from the opportunity to grow in some area because we fear the hard work, the pain that is inevitable, but pain, no matter how intense, lasts a relatively short time when compared to the benefits that follow.
One well known example which explains my point perfectly, I believe, are the pains  of childbirth; I am told by family members and friends  who have experienced this precious phenomenon, that the pains of childbirth are some of the most excruciating  one can experience, but they also result  in  nature’s most blessed event, and when the baby is held for the first time, the pain (swollen feet, nausea, cravings, etc.), is completely forgotten, and the event is memorable for the new life, the new miracle that has occurred.
Growing pains are real, and they can stop our progress if we allow them to do so, but we should look beyond the short-lived pain (whether it lasts for minutes, hours, days weeks,etc.), and focus on the results produced. When this is done, the pain is put in the proper perspective.

Whatever has you afraid to grow, remember the benefits you are going to receive on the other side of the pain, and let this motivate you to push forward toward the growth and goals you desire to achieve.


What To Do Next?

1. Take a realistic look  at the goal you are interested in achieving;
2. Determine the amount of  work, energy (pain) it is going to take;
3. Visualize yourself on the other side of the pain;
4. Decide to take daily, relevant actions to reach your goal;
5. Celebrate your successes along the way.

Giving and Receiving

“You can get whatever you want if you help enough people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar

We help ourselves when we help others.


Zig Ziglar is a renowned speaker and writer, among other things, and one of his quotes has had a major impact on my life. Zig said: “You can get what ever you want if you help enough people get what they want”.
I believe this is true; we help ourselves when we help others, and as a result, we grow into more caring, considerate,and selfless people.

Often, we miss out on many opportunities to help because we think it will hinder or thwart our progress, or we do not see any immediate benefit for ourselves. That “what’s in it for me” attitude, dies a slow death, and it works against our personal and spiritual growth.

True growth, the kind that lasts, can only occur when we begin to consider the conditions of others and how we are connected to them in ways that we may not ever completely understand.

Since there is always something that can be done to help those around us, we must be willing and alert enough to seize the opportunities that present themselves throughout a day, week, month, or lifetime.
As we habitually seek ways to help others, we will clearly see the many benefits we receive as a result.

Test Zig’s quote in your life and affairs as you relate to others and see what happens.


What to Do Next?

1. Look around you for someone whom you can help achieve a goal;
2. Offer your help as quickly as possible;
3. Notice the feelings of euphoria you experience as a result;
4. Make it a point to regularly seek out someone to encourage,and help in your unique way.


Leave your comment below; I want to know your thoughts on this post.




In times of challenge and fear, it is good to know that God cares for each of us.





God cares for you and me.

His desire is to set us free

From our sin, the hurt, the pain

So that we may become new and whole again.

His love is unconditional and true,

And, no matter what we say, think, or do,

He loves us still, despite our flaws

That nailed His only Son to the cross.

Remember His love, the sacrifice

He made to rescue us the perishing

From a life of shame.

God cares for you, for me.

He alone can set us free!

13 Years of Persistence and Personal Growth

“Perseverance requires passion and a sincere belief that you deserve what ever it is you are trying to accomplish.”


In last month’s blog post, you were encouraged to persevere for maximum personal growth and development, and you were given strategies to help you succeed.
As a result of working with a close friend for the past thirteen (13) years to help her finish the requirements for her B.A. degree (I helped her with the papers she had to write), I learned that perseverance requires passion and a sincere belief that you deserve what ever it is you are trying to accomplish.

My friend persisted, during good and bad times, to move toward her goal, a college degree in Elementary Education; on Monday, August 8th, she submitted her last paper in her last class, and you can imagine how happy she was, as well as how happy I was for her.

Over the past thirteen (13) years, my friend has had some major challenges: several relatives died, and she lost her job, but she got married, adopted a lovely daughter,and she always moved toward her goal by taking a course or two here and there when she could afford to do so,and now, years later, because of her persistence, she is ready to receive that coveted “sheepskin” for which she has worked so hard.

I applaud my friend for her drive and persistence, and I also applaud you who have accomplished your goals as a result of your perseverance.
Do what my friend is going to do: Celebrate; reward yourself  for completing your goal; do not focus on how long it took.
Take time to relax, then get started on the next adventure which should be considerably easier now that you have a major success to your credit.

What to do next?

1. Celebrate with family and friends who supported you throughout the challenge;

2. Do something “real special” for yourself to savor the moment;

3. Give feedback on this blog by telling me how long it took you to reach a major goal and how you now feel as a result of having reached it.

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