Coming Full Circle in Personal Growth and Development

It takes quite a while to learn important life lessons, but there eventually comes the moment when you know that  you have learned them well.


My second book, Coming Full Circle, Poems, Prayers, and Quotes, promoting hope, faith, and personal growth, is finally finished, launched, and uploaded to many sites (it will be available on this site soon). Its completion took  much longer than I expected because it was supposed to have been completed in April 2011, not in January, or March (depending upon where you look) of 2012.
The delay in getting it out taught me valuable lessons that I shall never forget, and it increased my productivity while doing so.

Every poem in the book is an original work resulting  from  some aspect of my life, and frequently, I did not think I would ever complete it, although it is much smaller (100 pages) than my first book (162 pages).
During the very slow times when I was not inspired to work, I found myself cheering me on by writing a poem that either described my challenging situation or one that caused me to take action.

The poems, NOW and  A MATTER of TRUST, propelled me out of my malaise and made me realize that it takes quite a while to learn important life lessons, but there eventually comes the moment when you know that you have learned them well.
NOW taught me to get things done as soon as possible, and even today, it keeps me aware of  how quickly I can slip back into being unproductive. Now, when I find myself procrastinating, I go to the book (it is kept on the table beside my bed) and read NOW aloud, and this is usually enough to get me moving again. The same is true with  A MATTER of TRUST; my faith in God and in the abilities He has given me are re-energized each time I read this  one because I believe what it says, and it came to me at a time when  I needed  inspiration.
FROM HERE, my favorite poem in the volume, gives me hope because it lets me know that I have made tremendous progress, and as I continue, I will get closer and closer to my goals which are not so hard to see and imagine from  where I  am now because of the work I have already done.

Working on the book also taught me to be my best advocate and to push forward, no matter how  difficult the situation appears to be.
As a result, I am much more upbeat, optimistic, and confident of my work ; I truly  believe  that  all things are possible, and with this belief, I move forward.
What about you? Are there areas or pockets of your life that need to be stirred? Have you come full circle in growth in a specific area? If  so, you know exactly what I mean and how I feel, and I say to you: keep growing, keep shining, and keep coming full circle in your life, hopes and dreams!


What to Do Next?

* Answer the questions found in the Blog as honestly as possible;

* Determine what actions you need to take to begin or to continue moving forward on an abandoned or new project;

* Pray for direction and insight;

* Find someone  interested in your success to help hold you  accountable;

* Continue to grow and shine!




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The Upside of the Economic Downside

Being out of work is challenging, but it provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth and development.


America is in a very sensitive position right now because of the sluggish economy, and as a result, people, in all economic classes, are feeling the negative effects of it.
Many have been out of work so long, they fear they might not be called back, or worse, become unemployable. Being out of work is challenging, I agree, but it provides a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and development.

Others have decided to go for polishing their real interests, the things they enjoy doing, but could not do as often when they had jobs. The great thing about this is that passion or talent may be where the focus should have been in the first place.
I am talking from experience here because  for several years, I worked as a high school English teacher , and for some of those years, I enjoyed the work because I was helping  teenagers find their place in the world, but I often thought about how much I loved writing;  I wasn’t motivated to write very often after spending five days each week  with five classes of students who  really needed my attention,and the weekends, more often than not, were spent grading endless papers and/or creating lesson plans for the upcoming week.

Finally, in 2007, I decided to retire (quite early in fact) to give myself  an opportunity to write, and I have to tell you: It feels wonderful! I have written and have had published two(2) books since ’07; I have also written a great number of blogs, poems, and articles all on some aspect of personal growth and self-help. Now, smiles come easily because I truly enjoy what I am doing.

What about you? Are you unemployed or under-employed? Do you find yourself  thinking about doing something else, something you enjoyed doing at one time before you got a job?
Consider returning  to that skill, or hobby, and see if you can make a go of it.
For personal growth and development in the area, take classes at your local community college to hone your skills so that you can get started. Who knows? You just may become the next Emmy or Oscar winner, or best selling author.
Isn’t it worth a try now, that you have time to explore the possibilities?

Be real honest here, in addition to putting food on the table, and paying the rent or mortgage, what satisfaction did the job give you? Sure those things are important, but shouldn’t there be more to life than that?
Take advantage of your  hiatus  from a job and rediscover what it is you really enjoy doing. I bet you too will begin to smile more as you start using your God given talents and gifts.


What to Do Next?

1. Think about what it is you really enjoy doing;

2. Make a decision to explore it now that you  are not working;

3. If necessary, take courses at your local community college to get or

to polish the skills you need to get started;

4. Get started as  soon as possible;

5. Smile and shine?

Single and Glowing

“You can not be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with”.  Dr. Wayne Dyer


Remember Elvis, the King, asking in a song:  “Are you lonely tonight?”
For many singles this is a very sensitive question. Too often, we who are single  fail  to take advantage of this stage of life, nor do we realize  that this status can be the most productive period of life when the focus is on personal growth and development.

More often than not, this phase of life is zoomed through while one wishes and hopes for marriage. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with marriage ; I have been there, and, had I focused more on pursuing my dreams and getting rid of more of  the  warts  in my life when I was single, I believe my marriage would have lasted more than seven years. I say this because  first, I would have married someone different, someone who had a lot more of my interests and values, and, I would have dated my prospective husband longer.
These three, I believe are still very important in selecting a husband or wife.

Singleness is such an adventurous time when we are experiencing life at every level, and as a result, we are also growing and glowing in all areas of life. As this happens, we automatically attract the people most like us in mind and spirit. Think about this the next time you find yourself alone on a weekend with the newspaper, the pet, and a pint of your favorite calories, I mean ice cream.

What to Do Next?

1. Ask yourself the hard question: Are you joyful and active while single?

2. Is there an area(s) of your life you need to tweak so that you become more like the person you desire to become?

3. Are you taking daily actions to improve this area (s) of your life?

4. Do you like yourself and where you are now?

Honest answers to these and other questions like them, can be invaluable in getting you to the point where you begin to see and like the many advantages you have being single, and when your status changes, you will take into your marriage the best You imaginable! Still lonely?

Share the Love

All types of love should be acknowledged and celebrated on February 14th and throughout the month.

It’s February, and love is  in the air; everywhere merchants have long since stocked their shelves with stunningly beautiful  red things that express love, romantic love. But is romantic love the most important and meaningful type of affection we humans can express toward each other, or should all types of love be acknowledged during February , and specifically on February 14th?
Would it be an affront to those in romantic relationships to be asked to “share the love?” Would the negative aspects outweigh the positive  ones?

I know it is typical to focus only on a specific type of relationship during the month , but how much more memorable would the day,2/14, the month, be if all types of love and affection were celebrated out loud. Would more romantic love be the result?

This Valentine’s Day, each of us has a very unique opportunity to raise the bar by including all those we love in our Valentine’s Day celebration.
Doing so could just fan the flames of hope, fairness, joy,and peace.
Let’s think outside the box this Valentine’s Day, and throw some love toward all of the various relationships we love, admire, and respect.


What to Do Next?

1. Answer the question: Should all types of love be celebrated on Valentine’s Day?

2. If you agree, consider ways to celebrate the many types of love relationships you share with others;

3. Don’t agree with the question? Figure out why. Disagreeing is fine as long as you have logical reasons with no bitterness , etc., for disagreeing.

What’s On Your Mind?

Our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so!


Life can get extremely challenging sometimes, and what we think during our most difficult moments determines the outcome of the challenge as well as the direction of our future, because our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so.

Too often we allow our thoughts to mimic the difficult situations we face, and when this happens, a negative shift in our thinking takes shape. If the negative pattern occurs regularly, it becomes the way we view life, and as a result, what we desire to achieve becomes more and more difficult.

Reining in our thoughts takes conscious effort and self discipline, but this must be done for the positive, the true to emerge.
In the future, when negative “head trash” tries to take you hostage, do the following to shift to the positive side of the challenge:

* Determine the facts about the situation;
* Determine how you can work through things as they are;
* Repeat an appropriate scripture daily such as: ” I can do all things
through Christ who gives me strength”, Philippians 4:13;
* Create a positive affirmation about the situation;
* Repeat it daily until you see a positive shift in your view of the problem;
* Get the help of a supporter who can assist you in keeping a positive
view of the challenge;
* Determine how the challenge can help you to grow in some area,and
allow it to do so.

All of us fall prey to the negatives in our lives sometimes, but we should
not dwell on them; instead we should try to find the good, the positive side of the challenge. Usually, it’s not that far away.




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