THE Importance of Faith(Originally posted:May 31, 2009)

To achieve true success, I believe, you must have faith, faith in yourself, and your abilities, faith in others whom you will need to help you, and faith in someone bigger than yourself; I call that bigger entity God.

Faith is a very common word with which all are familiar, and if I were to ask you to define faith, I believe it could be done with little or no thought since it is such a well known word.
But what exactly is faith? Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines faith as having: ‘complete trust, confidence, or reliance.’
Each of us has to have confidence, or faith in ourselves and abilities if we are to achieve any degree of success, but we also need to trust other people, those who can help us to achieve our goals,that group of people who supports and believes in us and the unique abilities we possess and with which we want to serve others.
I am sure we all agree that none of us achieves success alone.

But, for true and lasting success, it is my opinion, that an additional type of faith is needed, and that is a faith and confidence in one whom I call God.
You may use another name, or no name at all, but I sincerely believe that in all things, there is a greater force or power working, and when we have the faith to acknowledge and to tap into that powerful force, we succeed in our undertakings that add value to our lives and to the lives of those around us.

Faith in ourselves, faith in others , and faith in God, allow us to take risks, and risks are essential to growth, to increased faith, and confidence.

As you continue to grow your faith, you will continue to take the daily actions and risks, that allow you to expand and grow yourself.

Where is your faith?

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Moments of Quiet Reflection(originally posted:May 14,2009)

Taking the time to be quiet, to silence the mind and activities, help you to renew your energy, your creativity, and your gratitude.

Many of  you may have  forgotten how important it is to be still, to spend a few moments just quieting the  thoughts and the mind.
You may also believe that you should be busy, doing something, every single moment.
If  idle for any amount of time, you  probably think   productivity has been compromised.  This is especially true, I believe, for those of you who are high achievers. But more often than not, being idle or quiet, for a few minutes of the day, is exactly what is needed

Let me ask you: Have you ever taken the time to still your thoughts and activities and found in doing so that you were much more productive and creative after the period of silence ended?
Consciously building moments of silence into your daily schedule will improve the quality of your life and energize your activities.

It will also help you to become more in tuned with yourself, your thoughts, your goals and  dreams.

For those of you who are serious about personal growth and self-help, spending time alone is a must so that you can get to know yourself, who you really are, and who you desire to become. Trying to figure this out amid the noise and chaos of everyday living is impractical, if not impossible.

So much is overlooked or missed altogether when too many things are on the ‘to do list’.
Deliberately taking time daily to quiet your thoughts, to come apart for a while, will give you the energy, focus, and direction you need to continue your journey of personal growth and development; it will therefore, help you get a clearer perspective of the things that really matter to you.
So, here is the challenging question: Will you commit to working into your day at least a ten minute block of time, where you do nothing but quiet your thoughts and count your blessings?
This can be done in the morning, before the hustle and bustle of the day begin,  at night before you retire, or both.

I believe if you do this daily, you will soon be well on your way to accomplishing your goals, no matter how grand or lofty they may be.

Quieting our mind, our thoughts and  our actions, momentarily throughout the day, will produce fresh perspectives, renewed energy, as well as more gratitude and creativity.
Remember: Most great ideas happen during the quiet, the reflective, the contemplative periods in our days and nights. It is our responsibility to provide the proper environment for the flashes of insight just waiting to appear.

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Growing from the Inside Out (originally posted March 31,2009)

Personal growth is an admirable undertaking, but don’t be too alarmed or too hard on yourself (or others) when the  desired changes take longer than  expected.

So much information exists now on personal growth and self-help. These topics are two of the more popular today.

Everyone it seems has some useful morsel or tidbit, that when used,will catapult us into a completely different level of success, if followed for 30 days.
Since most  growth is from the inside out, I wonder how much real growth can occur in such a short span?

Consider this: Many trees take years to reach their maximum height, and for others, hundreds of years are required.
But we humans, infinitely more complex than trees and other living things, want to believe that significant growth, permanent and life changing, can happen almost over night.
Real personal growth or self-help, I believe, takes years, and during those years, many challenges,which cause internal conflict and ultimate growth, arise. Yes, personal growth is an admirable and necessary undertaking throughout life, but don’t be too alarmed or too hard on yourself (or others)
when the  changes you desire  take longer than expected.

My journey of personal development began over 13 years ago, and although I have experienced long lasting results in some areas, I am still a ‘work in progress’, a work that will be constantly ‘under construction’.
For example, my patience, or the lack thereof, still needs to be worked on daily, and although I have seen amazing results in this area over the years, the true test, heavy traffic when I am pushed for time, still has not been passed with flying colors; most of the time, the only color I see is red, and until I consistently respond favorably in this area, I will continue to do exercises, write journal entries, read self-help books, including my own , and pray daily until I have mastered my impatience.

It would be wonderful if this area of my life improved significantly over night or at least over a period of thirty days, but so far, 13 plus years have elapsed, and I still see things that need to be tweaked in this area.
You and I both must also remember that because of our humanness, there will always be something in our lives that need work.

Thankfully there are tons of information and people available to provide the help needed.
So, give your self a break; don’t be so critical of your slow progress.
Keep working on you until you see the desired results even if it takes a bit longer than expected.

Please leave a comment below sharing your opinion with me. I ‘d be glad to hear from you and I will respond.

New Year, New Decade, New Growth

2011, is a new year, and it ushers in a new decade. It is the ideal time for all who desire change, or growth in any area of life, to go for it!

It is quite easy to be optimistic during the first few days of a new year,especially when it comes after 2010, a year that came in with challenges of sundry kinds, and strutted out the same way. Although 2010 was a challenge, that may be still felt, this year, 2011, is new, and it ushers in a new decade. It is the ideal time, therefore, for all who desire change, or personal growth, in any area of life, to go for it! The optimism that comes with a new year is especially helpful for setting goals, making plans and resolutions, and these actions can be the spring boards to success in many areas of life, especially in the area of personal growth. You need to remember that daily focused actions will always result in success. The key of course is consistency, and with a new year, as well as a new decade to consider, you should experience noticeable personal growth in those areas where you focus your attention and take consistent, relevant,  action. No matter what the year, or decade, success still follows planned, continuous action, and as a result, you will see your dreams fulfilled and your goals realized.

What to do Next?

* Identify your most important goals, plans, for this year, if you haven’t done so already;

* Write them down as clearly and as accurately as possible;

* Identify daily, relevant actions you can take to reach your goals;

* Share the goals with someone who is interested enough in your success to help hold you accountable;

* Celebrate the victories you achieve along the way!



Barbara J. Henry

Memories, leftovers from the past

Yesterdays, past weeks, past years.

What do I do?

Just sit and savor them

Relishing the good ones, ruing the bad?

Or, do I toss them all

Like I do garbage or old tattered clothes?

Can they help me grow or expand,

To have a brighter, better, tomorrow?

Or will holding on to them just rehash my pain,

Rekindle my sorrow?



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