Freedom is Never Free!


Freedom is never free!

Countless lives were sacrificed

For your, and my liberty.

Voices of fathers, brothers, uncles,

Friends and lovers too

Are now silenced forever

So that we, I, you

May be free to live

In city, town, or village.

North, South, East,West.

Each decides where to stake a claim.

This right was earned by those whose names

Are written on walls, scrolls, and paper.

All made the ultimate sacrifice;

Each must be remembered

For the role played in gaining

Our freedom by

Relinquishing their own!

Freedom is never free!






This poem is written for and dedicated to all of  the fallen soldiers across the wars, and for loved ones left behind to mourn them. It is further dedicated to those brave fighting men and women who were spared, but whose lives are forever changed in some way as a result of their involvement.

Persevere for Maximum Personal Growth and Development

It takes perseverance to remove the warts in our lives, and to achieve maximum personal growth, we must not only acknowledge the existence of warts, but we must also be willing to work on them daily until their unhealthy effects become negligible.


Each one of us has an area(s) in our lives that needs improving if we are to move forward in our personal growth and development efforts. The work becomes easier as we identify the area(s) and begin the work needed to correct it.
It takes perseverance to remove the warts in our lives, and to achieve maximum personal growth, we must not only acknowledge the existence of warts, but we must also be willing to work on them consistently until their unhealthy effects become negligible.

I know: None of us likes the idea of slapping ourselves around, in a manner of speaking, but we must become our most effective critics so that we can continue to ‘raise the bar’ on our personal growth and development.

This challenge cannot be done alone; we must actively seek the help and encouragement, as well as feedback, from those who have vested interests in our lives and successes.
So, how do we get them on board? That’s done by sharing plans and ideas with them and by letting them know how much you need them to help you succeed.
Don’t be shy or defensive; get your supporters on board early and share your concerns with them.
As you share with them and begin the work needed, you will start to see the results you desire, and that too will help you to retain your momentum.

Celebrate every accomplished goal, along the way, no matter how minor or insignificant it appears on the surface.
Perseverance will help you reach your goal(s)more quickly because it helps to build momentum and confidence, and once these two kick in, success is imminent, as long as you persevere.


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June-Men’s Health Month, the Perfect Time to Get Our Men More Focused on Self-Help

June is men’s health month, and it is the ideal time to help our men focus on self-help efforts that promote their general health.


You probably know already that each month of the year has been designated as a month to highlight a specific focus or area. Most months have several areas on which to focus during its time in the spotlight.
Take the month of March for example; it is recognized as Women’s History month,but it is also National Nutrition month,as well as Brain Injury Awareness month, among other things.
Each May, the focus is mental health which affects all areas of our lives,but physical fitness and sports are also spot lighted.

The overall purpose of highlighting specific things monthly, I believe, is to keep the focus on anything that will help us to become more informed and proactive.
It is no wonder then, that June is men’s health month, and it is an ideal time to help our men focus on those self-help efforts that promote their general health.

Not surprisingly, men have many health issues that need attention during the month of June and thereafter.

According to one source, “The Leading Causes of Death in Males, U.S., 2004,” the seven (7) top causes of death among men are: Heart Disease,27.2%; Cancer, 24.3%; Unintentional Injuries, 6.1%; Stroke, 5.0%; Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease, 5.0%; Diabetes, 3.0%; Influenza/Pneumonia, 2.3%.
Following closely are: Suicide, 2.2%; Kidney Disease, 1.7%, and Alzheimer’s Disease, 1.6%.

The numbers are sobering, and they should help us to see the serious problem our men face. We should also understand that we, each of us, must do what we can to help our men, now and later to reduce the numbers.
Now is an excellent time to turn the focus onto men’s health, and it is also a good idea to keep the momentum going until the numbers of serious death-causing illnesses have have been reduced dramatically.

June, men’s health month, is the perfect opportunity and time (30 days) for each of us to help  raise awareness of the many health issues that are so common to the men in our lives.


Mental Health: Vital to Personal Growth and Development

May is National Mental Health Month, and several things can be done to promote mental health, an important part of personal growth and development.


If a poll were taken that asked: What is your major concern in life? Would you answer ‘good health?’ I would.
Our health determines, to a large measure, everything else we do.
All aspects of health are equally important if we are to have normal productive lives.
Good health should be an ongoing concern and to highlight its importance,  this month is national mental health month; several things can be done during May and after to promote mental health, an important part of personal growth and development.

Here are a few suggestions you may consider  to promote mental health:

Laugh, consciously look for things  that are funny, even if it means laughing at yourself, and laugh out loud at them;

Meditate on those things that are important to your life, i.e., the goals and dreams you want to accomplish;

Journal daily to help relieve some of the stress  caused  by living in a fast paced society;

Use Positive Self-talk and Affirmations to encourage and motivate yourself to get moving when things get challenging.
Do these things regularly so that you continue to get their benefits.

In addition to the above suggestions, be sure you eat nutritious food, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, limit your alcohol intake, and stay away from cigarettes and drugs.
Doing these things consistently will foster good mental health and personal growth and development long after the month of May has ended.

Give All Today

Oftentime, we hold back in our performance on the job, in relationships with loved ones and others, because we believe that tomorrow will come bringing new chances.



Give All Today!

Give all today that you have to give!

Tomorrow makes no promises;

Today is the time to live!

New Orleans, Haiti, Japan,

They all can happen again!

Give today what you have

And should tomorrow come,

It will bring its own gifts

To share, to give all!

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