In times of challenge and fear, it is good to know that God cares for each of us.





God cares for you and me.

His desire is to set us free

From our sin, the hurt, the pain

So that we may become new and whole again.

His love is unconditional and true,

And, no matter what we say, think, or do,

He loves us still, despite our flaws

That nailed His only Son to the cross.

Remember His love, the sacrifice

He made to rescue us the perishing

From a life of shame.

God cares for you, for me.

He alone can set us free!

Freedom is Never Free!


Freedom is never free!

Countless lives were sacrificed

For your, and my liberty.

Voices of fathers, brothers, uncles,

Friends and lovers too

Are now silenced forever

So that we, I, you

May be free to live

In city, town, or village.

North, South, East,West.

Each decides where to stake a claim.

This right was earned by those whose names

Are written on walls, scrolls, and paper.

All made the ultimate sacrifice;

Each must be remembered

For the role played in gaining

Our freedom by

Relinquishing their own!

Freedom is never free!






This poem is written for and dedicated to all of  the fallen soldiers across the wars, and for loved ones left behind to mourn them. It is further dedicated to those brave fighting men and women who were spared, but whose lives are forever changed in some way as a result of their involvement.

Give All Today

Oftentime, we hold back in our performance on the job, in relationships with loved ones and others, because we believe that tomorrow will come bringing new chances.



Give All Today!

Give all today that you have to give!

Tomorrow makes no promises;

Today is the time to live!

New Orleans, Haiti, Japan,

They all can happen again!

Give today what you have

And should tomorrow come,

It will bring its own gifts

To share, to give all!



Now is the acceptable time to do all that you can do.

This second, this moment, is all that has been given to you

And me, to all of us here.

We must embrace the now by making our selections clear,

Resolute, and firm!

Do not doubt or second guess your choice.

Speak boldly, and with a loud voice

Proclaim your worth, your value, and right to exist

Without a word of explanation to anyone in your midst.

Now is the time to soar, to fly like eagles high,

To hone your skills, test your wings, to try.

You can make this  world better.


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A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust

by Barbara J. Henry

Trust, the belief that good will prevail

Over all evil by and by.

It is knowing that God witnesses everything

With His powerful, all seeing eye

That searches up and down the land.

No need to worry, fear, or become dismayed;

God created the world, and the foundation He laid

Will stand forever!

Trust Him; take hold of His laws and His hand,

And know that you are not alone.

God is Lord! Savior! King!

He still occupies the throne

That binds heaven, and each of us

To Him, now, and for all eternity!






With all of the turmoil in the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on the good- until we return to hope, and our trust in God to set

all things right- in His time.


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Barbara J. Henry

Memories, leftovers from the past

Yesterdays, past weeks, past years.

What do I do?

Just sit and savor them

Relishing the good ones, ruing the bad?

Or, do I toss them all

Like I do garbage or old tattered clothes?

Can they help me grow or expand,

To have a brighter, better, tomorrow?

Or will holding on to them just rehash my pain,

Rekindle my sorrow?





Barbara J. Henry

Dare to be brave bold and true.

Dare to achieve what you’ve been afraid to do.

Dare to rise, climb, to  soar,

Dare to reach your center, the core of you.

Dare to grow, to  stretch, expand.

Dare to take another’s  hand

To help,  encourage, to fan

The flame of hope.

Dare to be more than you’ve ever dreamed possible!

The Color of the Soul

The  Color of  the Soul

Barbara J. Henry

The soul is colorless,

And when it unfolds,

The eyes of the body

In which it is housed

SEE All People.


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