Got Resilience?

Many of  you know a thing or two about being resilient, that is to say, having the ability to get up, or bounce back, in a timely manner, after a challenge has derailed your best efforts.

This  ability to get up and keep moving successfully, is not developed over night; it results from a prolonged belief in your goals and dreams as well as the belief  that you really  deserve  exactly what you are striving to achieve, and you believe that it can actually happen,  and that you can do it! Through many trials and errors, you have made a decision to keep moving forward, no matter how treacherous the terrain.

Over the course of your life, you have come to realize that if you are going to be successful in your personal growth and self-help efforts, or in life in general  for  that  matter, resilience is, and always will be, a key factor!

Of course, some challenges are monstrous, and they demand that you treat them accordingly;  you must at some point, decide to assess the damage, make the necessary adjustments, get up, and keep moving toward your goals, a bit bruised perhaps, but much wiser,  and with a greater sense of self  as well as a stronger determination to succeed.

Success, I am sure you agree, demands the best from each of us; you and I  will always be able to give our best when resilience is a part of  the success strategies used.

So, I say to you: Learn the lesson(s) the challenge can teach you; get up, get back in the fight, stay the course. By doing so, you will become the self assured, competent, successful overcomer you were created to be.

What To Do Next?

* Write a comment and share with me some of your true life stories of resilience;

*Decide now that you will stay with your goals until they are achieved;

*Look for and learn the lesson(s) each challenge can teach you;

*Get the needed help as quickly as possible, and keep moving onward and upward toward your goal!

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