Growing from the Inside Out (originally posted March 31,2009)

Personal growth is an admirable undertaking, but don’t be too alarmed or too hard on yourself (or others) when the  desired changes take longer than  expected.

So much information exists now on personal growth and self-help. These topics are two of the more popular today.

Everyone it seems has some useful morsel or tidbit, that when used,will catapult us into a completely different level of success, if followed for 30 days.
Since most  growth is from the inside out, I wonder how much real growth can occur in such a short span?

Consider this: Many trees take years to reach their maximum height, and for others, hundreds of years are required.
But we humans, infinitely more complex than trees and other living things, want to believe that significant growth, permanent and life changing, can happen almost over night.
Real personal growth or self-help, I believe, takes years, and during those years, many challenges,which cause internal conflict and ultimate growth, arise. Yes, personal growth is an admirable and necessary undertaking throughout life, but don’t be too alarmed or too hard on yourself (or others)
when the  changes you desire  take longer than expected.

My journey of personal development began over 13 years ago, and although I have experienced long lasting results in some areas, I am still a ‘work in progress’, a work that will be constantly ‘under construction’.
For example, my patience, or the lack thereof, still needs to be worked on daily, and although I have seen amazing results in this area over the years, the true test, heavy traffic when I am pushed for time, still has not been passed with flying colors; most of the time, the only color I see is red, and until I consistently respond favorably in this area, I will continue to do exercises, write journal entries, read self-help books, including my own , and pray daily until I have mastered my impatience.

It would be wonderful if this area of my life improved significantly over night or at least over a period of thirty days, but so far, 13 plus years have elapsed, and I still see things that need to be tweaked in this area.
You and I both must also remember that because of our humanness, there will always be something in our lives that need work.

Thankfully there are tons of information and people available to provide the help needed.
So, give your self a break; don’t be so critical of your slow progress.
Keep working on you until you see the desired results even if it takes a bit longer than expected.

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