Life Is A Classroom!

Life is a classroom, and it teaches us every needed lesson for successful living.


Life is a classroom,and it teaches us every lesson needed for personal growth and successful living in all areas.
Many times the challenges we face are designed to help us get to the next phase of life, and if we are alert, we quickly understand what the lesson is suppose to teach us; the challenge comes when we know what it is suppose to teach, but we are reluctant to accept the “way” the lesson is to be taught.

Oftentimes, pain of some kind accompanies our lessons, and although the pain ultimately brings success,if we are persistent, we are still reluctant to go through ” the course”, as it were.
So often, we postpone advances of great value because we are afraid of the level of challenge the next step will bring.
Let me assure you of this: The longer it takes to learn the lesson, the more pain will be experienced.

Making an informed decision about the next step will help any of  us to move forward, quickly and successfully.
Yes, we will feel the pain of the new learning curve, but it usually does not last very long, because as each lesson is learned, we (the students) gain more strength, stamina, and confidence, and in no time, we have successfully finished the course and are now in a position to enjoy more of life because of our  personal and spiritual growth.

There are many lessons to learn as we travel  through life, and most of them are quite difficult, but as we decide to move forward through the challenges, we will experience a far greater degree of success in life.
Look at your classroom, your life; what lessons have you been avoiding?


*  Examine your classroom, (life);
* Decide what lessons you have been avoiding;
* Determine to learn them as quickly as possible;
* Share your decision with a loved one who can hold you accountable;
* Attend class daily(take relevant  action) until the lesson(s) is learned;
* Grow and shine!

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