Meet Barbara

Hello, Barbara J here, I am a former high school English teacher named in “Who’s Who among High School Teachers.” I have a consulting business and a law degree that is helpful.

I have written and have had  published two books: The first, Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,and a book of poetry, Coming Full Circle, containing my original poems as well as prayers and quotes of people from around the world and nearby.

I enjoy writing, and my articles on education have appeared in the National Journal of Teachers of High School English, and the American Educator. I also encourage upcoming writers through the Barbara J. Henry Scholarship for Excellence in the Language Arts.

An avid reader, I am particularly fond of self help books, legal mysteries, historical fiction, and tackling cross word puzzles, especially those appearing in the New York Times.  Go here to read some of my self help poems that appear in my second book:

I live in River Forest, Illinois, next door to Oak Park, Illinois, home to many celebrities and acclaimed writers such as Ernest Hemingway.

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