Barbara J. Henry Scholarship Award

1. What is the Barbara J. Henry Scholarship Award?
The Barbara J. Henry Scholarship Award for Excellence in the Language Arts is named in honor of its founder and president, Barbara J. Henry, a former high school educator who taught high school English for many years.

2. What is the goal or purpose of this Award?
The goal of the Award is to assist high school seniors, who have striven for and attained excellence in the speaking and writing of English by maintaining an “A” average in their English courses, in furthering their education.

3. Will applicants enrolled in Baccalaureate programs, or in A.P. and Honors classes be given more consideration than those in Regular and other English classes?
No, the level of the English course taken is not important; what is important is the recipient’s continuous demonstrated ability to improve his or her fluency in the handling of the English language.

4. How will the Award’s recipient be selected?
Applicants must pass a rigorous screening process consisting of the timely submission of the completed application, essays, and portfolios containing samples of work done in all grades beginning in the 9th year and continuing through the 12th year; an interview of all finalist will also be conducted.

5. Are there any additional requirements applicants are expected to meet?
Yes, the recipient of the Award must have been accepted into an accredited four year college or university where he or she will major in Language Arts or the Humanities with a strong desire and commitment to teach at the high school level for at least three (3) years upon successfully completing college or university work.

6. How long will the Award be made available to recipient?
The Award is renewable yearly for three years, after the initial award, without additional requirements being met when the recipient maintains an “A” in English / Humanities courses and holds an overall GPA of “B” or better.

7. How do students apply for this Award?
Students apply for the Award by downloading an application and mailing it to:
The Barbara J. Henry Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 5436, River Forest, Illinois 60305.

8. When is the deadline for applying for this Award?
To be given serious consideration, candidates must submit all information on or before March 15, 2009 and each year thereafter on or before the March 15th date.

9. Whom do I contact for further questions I may have?
If there are additional questions not answered here or on the application, please contact Barbara Henry at You can also call me at 708-488-1277.

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