Mental Health: Vital to Personal Growth and Development

May is National Mental Health Month, and several things can be done to promote mental health, an important part of personal growth and development.


If a poll were taken that asked: What is your major concern in life? Would you answer ‘good health?’ I would.
Our health determines, to a large measure, everything else we do.
All aspects of health are equally important if we are to have normal productive lives.
Good health should be an ongoing concern and to highlight its importance,  this month is national mental health month; several things can be done during May and after to promote mental health, an important part of personal growth and development.

Here are a few suggestions you may consider  to promote mental health:

Laugh, consciously look for things  that are funny, even if it means laughing at yourself, and laugh out loud at them;

Meditate on those things that are important to your life, i.e., the goals and dreams you want to accomplish;

Journal daily to help relieve some of the stress  caused  by living in a fast paced society;

Use Positive Self-talk and Affirmations to encourage and motivate yourself to get moving when things get challenging.
Do these things regularly so that you continue to get their benefits.

In addition to the above suggestions, be sure you eat nutritious food, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, limit your alcohol intake, and stay away from cigarettes and drugs.
Doing these things consistently will foster good mental health and personal growth and development long after the month of May has ended.

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