Mistakes: Opportunities for Personal Growth

Mistakes, when viewed in the right perspective, can teach us much about ourselves.
Mistakes result from errors in judgment that lead to wrong or inappropriate actions which many times are very costly.
All of us,at some point in our lives, make mistakes,but dwelling on them merely to punish ourselves, or someone else,is not helpful or healthy.
Mistakes,when viewed in the right perspective, can teach us much about ourselves, and therefore they can promote giant leaps in our personal growth.
Over the years, I have learned valuable lessons from some of my mistakes.
Here are a few of them:
1. Saying “No” at the right time and for the right reason(s)can prevent costly mistakes and foster confidence;
2. Risk-taking,leaving the areas of comfort,increases chances of mistakes,but it also increases opportunities for personal development;
3. Each mistake,no matter how “terrible”, contains a valuable,needed lesson,if you look for it and learn it;
4. Making the same mistake repeatedly may mean you’re inattentive, especially to details;
5. Needing to be in control at all times increases the chances of mistakes.
Mistakes often provide the mirror needed to help us get a clearer more realistic view of ourselves,and when our
goal is continued personal development,we seek and take advantage of the lessons our mistakes can teach us.
1. Accept the role you played in the fallout resulting from the mistake(s);
2. Look for the lesson(s)the mistake(s)can teach you;
3. Decide to learn the lesson(s) quickly.

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