New Year, New Decade, New Growth

2011, is a new year, and it ushers in a new decade. It is the ideal time for all who desire change, or growth in any area of life, to go for it!

It is quite easy to be optimistic during the first few days of a new year,especially when it comes after 2010, a year that came in with challenges of sundry kinds, and strutted out the same way. Although 2010 was a challenge, that may be still felt, this year, 2011, is new, and it ushers in a new decade. It is the ideal time, therefore, for all who desire change, or personal growth, in any area of life, to go for it! The optimism that comes with a new year is especially helpful for setting goals, making plans and resolutions, and these actions can be the spring boards to success in many areas of life, especially in the area of personal growth. You need to remember that daily focused actions will always result in success. The key of course is consistency, and with a new year, as well as a new decade to consider, you should experience noticeable personal growth in those areas where you focus your attention and take consistent, relevant,  action. No matter what the year, or decade, success still follows planned, continuous action, and as a result, you will see your dreams fulfilled and your goals realized.

What to do Next?

* Identify your most important goals, plans, for this year, if you haven’t done so already;

* Write them down as clearly and as accurately as possible;

* Identify daily, relevant actions you can take to reach your goals;

* Share the goals with someone who is interested enough in your success to help hold you accountable;

* Celebrate the victories you achieve along the way!

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