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All types of love should be acknowledged and celebrated on February 14th and throughout the month.

It’s February, and love is  in the air; everywhere merchants have long since stocked their shelves with stunningly beautiful  red things that express love, romantic love. But is romantic love the most important and meaningful type of affection we humans can express toward each other, or should all types of love be acknowledged during February , and specifically on February 14th?
Would it be an affront to those in romantic relationships to be asked to “share the love?” Would the negative aspects outweigh the positive  ones?

I know it is typical to focus only on a specific type of relationship during the month , but how much more memorable would the day,2/14, the month, be if all types of love and affection were celebrated out loud. Would more romantic love be the result?

This Valentine’s Day, each of us has a very unique opportunity to raise the bar by including all those we love in our Valentine’s Day celebration.
Doing so could just fan the flames of hope, fairness, joy,and peace.
Let’s think outside the box this Valentine’s Day, and throw some love toward all of the various relationships we love, admire, and respect.


What to Do Next?

1. Answer the question: Should all types of love be celebrated on Valentine’s Day?

2. If you agree, consider ways to celebrate the many types of love relationships you share with others;

3. Don’t agree with the question? Figure out why. Disagreeing is fine as long as you have logical reasons with no bitterness , etc., for disagreeing.

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