‘Waiting,’ a Time to Grow and Serve

Waiting for your ‘ship to come in’ is the best time to grow by serving those in your network.

All too often we get discouraged and become disgruntled because things are not happening in our lives and careers as quickly as we think they should, and there may be justification for us to think  as we do.
Oftentimes, we have done all the work and paid all of our dues, but still the calls don’t come and the letters, texts, and emails are non-existent.
During  these times, it is so easy to lose hope, courage, and we consider ‘throwing in the proverbial towel.’ We just want a break already! After all, everything that we were told to do, we have done, but alas, our situation does not change.

What to do in times like these? How do you keep your hopes and dreams alive when all you see is more of the same inaction, and hear more of  your
sighs of disappointment?

These questions plague me now as they have in the past, and I thankfully remember what I did in the past to add more meaning to my life when it appeared that no change would  ever come.
In the past, when  no action seemed apparent on the surface, I engulfed myself  in serving others; I consciously decided to help others, if and when I could, make their dreams come true.

Frequently, we assume that delays  in  our lives or careers mean failure, but more often than not, there is no delay at all, but rather a conflict in timing.
Yes, in timing,  my timing, your timing,  and the timing that has been perfect  throughout time.
I must remember when I don’t get what I should when I think I should, that there is a “universal time” for all things to occur, and I  must trust that timing in my life and affairs.

During the “waiting period”,  there is so much that I can do.
For example, I can focus on some area in my life that needs improvement, and I can  consciously work on growing or enhancing that area. Who knows, it may be just what is needed for me to fully appreciate what I am waiting on when it finally arrives.
Growing the self is always in season, therefore  personal development is always needed.

As I wait for my ship to come in, I can also help as many as possible reach their goals, and fulfill their dreams.
Doing this takes courage, generosity, and a genuine concern for others. But, by doing these things,  I believe we will not only improve the lives of others, we will also expand so that when our ship finally does arrive, we will be able to fully appreciate all of its contents.

Consider adopting this perspective in the future when it appears that ‘waiting’ has taken over your life.

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