What Are You Afraid Of ?

Fears, we all have them, and we all wrestle with them throughout our lives, but until we develop the courage to confront them, to look the monsters in the eyes, they will continue to consume most of our waking hours and days.

Fear cripples personal growth and development more than any other singular thing because it keeps you from carrying out the daily actions necessary for growth and success. You must face your fear, no matter how great or overwhelming it appears, before you can become the person you were created to be.

Granted, this task will not be an easy one, and it will not happen overnight, but the decision to face your fear can be determined quickly, especially when you take notice of how fears hinder personal growth and development.

Decide now, today! to face your fears; insist on seeing them for what they are: great opportunities for personal growth, a better future, as well as a springboard to servingĀ  others, not only in your network, niche, or circle, but also in theĀ  world.


* Identify your greatest fear(s);
* Create daily actions to help you overcome it(them);
* Ask someone who is concerned about your well-being and
success to help you;
* Work diligently on overcoming your fear(s) until you have
mastered it(them);
* Celebrate the small victories you experience along the way.

What are you doing to confront and overcome your fear(s)? Leave a comment.

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