What’s On Your Mind?

Our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so!


Life can get extremely challenging sometimes, and what we think during our most difficult moments determines the outcome of the challenge as well as the direction of our future, because our thoughts determine our direction; thinking it really does make it so.

Too often we allow our thoughts to mimic the difficult situations we face, and when this happens, a negative shift in our thinking takes shape. If the negative pattern occurs regularly, it becomes the way we view life, and as a result, what we desire to achieve becomes more and more difficult.

Reining in our thoughts takes conscious effort and self discipline, but this must be done for the positive, the true to emerge.
In the future, when negative “head trash” tries to take you hostage, do the following to shift to the positive side of the challenge:

* Determine the facts about the situation;
* Determine how you can work through things as they are;
* Repeat an appropriate scripture daily such as: ” I can do all things
through Christ who gives me strength”, Philippians 4:13;
* Create a positive affirmation about the situation;
* Repeat it daily until you see a positive shift in your view of the problem;
* Get the help of a supporter who can assist you in keeping a positive
view of the challenge;
* Determine how the challenge can help you to grow in some area,and
allow it to do so.

All of us fall prey to the negatives in our lives sometimes, but we should
not dwell on them; instead we should try to find the good, the positive side of the challenge. Usually, it’s not that far away.




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